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Voice traffic transit
Today it is impossible to imagine an easier way to communicate with loved ones, colleagues or friends than by phone. Phone calls became the routine way of communication. But what is behind the dial pad? Few people realize that behind it are the newest technologies, human labor and cutting-edge design. All these are the services rendered to you by telecommunication providers.

Flames Group SIA is an international telecommunication provider.

How do we operate?
Voice traffic exchange begins

For whom

  • Telecom operators

    Companies providing local, long-distance and international telecommunication to consumers and businesses.

  • Intermediary companies

    Intermediaries between operators and consumers who provide services in the field of telecommunication.

  • Customers

    Individuals seeking to obtain or provide intermediary services in the field of telecommunications.

What are the benefits?
We can develop a package of services that will be tailored to your specific requests.

Flames Group this:
  • 10 years on the market;
  • Impeccable reputation;
  • Transit more than 20 million minutes of voice traffic per month;
  • Development of software in the field of telecommunications services;
  • High confidence from financial partners - unsecured loan from Rietumu bank.
  • Transparency and openness — audited by KPMG
Flames Group News:
  • We are glad to inform you about the unique opportunity to get ANTRAX Termination Solution PRO for $ 11 970 http://t.co/TrgADvwskf

  • SMS Gateway – en.ANTRAX http://t.co/JCY7gCHFm0

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  • Only for the first 25 buyers this solution will cost $8770 http://t.co/kxN7imfQDc

  • Our third day at the GITEX exhibition in Dubai. Here is our profile http://www.gitex.com/page.cfm/Action=Exhib/ExhibID=1386

  • Let’s meet at Gitex Technology Week. 20-24th October, 2013, Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, UAE, booth ZL-A2.

  • Meet Flames Group at ACC 2013! Visit our booth B17 on 3-6th September 2013 at the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa, Cebu, Philippines.

  • Please meet us @ Communicasia 2013 booth DB1-01 18-21 june 2013 Basement 2, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

  • ITW 2013 is coming! Please visit our booth #1556 @ Purple level 13-15th of May 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago, IL.

  • 14-18 October 2012, Dubai UAE, Gitex 2012 booth# ZL-B3

  • ITW 2011 photo report added to out flickr page, please check !

  • COMMUCIASIA2011 21-24/07 meet us @ booth BR6-08 HALL F http://lockerz.com/s/108469258

  • http://www.internationaltelecomsweek.com coming soon, meet us at booth 716.

  • SMS gateway is an ideal tool for sending mass SMS messages from a leading European manufacturer of premium gateways


Our mission:

Flames Group – a leading manufacturer of VoIP-GSM gateways “ANTRAX”, as well as the large operator of voice traffic. The company was founded in 2005. For over ten years, Flames Group SIA, has established itself as a reliable business partner providing cost-saving solutions and resolving business challenges of its clients in the Central and Eastern European markets. The headquarters is located in Riga, Latvia. As of 2015, we have ensured that the ANTRAX equipment is successfully used by GSM terminators, call-centers and corporate clients on five continents. We promote high European quality and reliable service at all levels while enhancing competitive advantage of our solutions. Our business is always involving customer responsiveness and constant delivering of value to our clients. Flames Group SIA is committed to become a leader in the call termination market by focusing on customers, sustain growth and innovation.
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