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FlamesCRM is a software complex that was designed to ensure effective control over all business processes taking place in the company. It also contributes to the improvement of communication strategies with clients.

FlamesCRM makes it possible to enhance the management of all company contacts so that each of them could be linked to the particular chain of activities on jabber/Skype correspondences, e-mail messages and also phone calls of customers and managers. This helps you to be aware of everything that is currently going on.

Company managers can make use of FlamesCRM in order to create specific commercial offers and print out invoices (payment orders) and different types of documentation, which are generated with regard to previous price lists. These documents are generally kept in the archives.

FlamesCRM features the following characteristics:

  • Formation/separation of contact groups
  • Separate tasks as well as those related to the contacts
  • Tracking of corporate phone calls, e-mail (IMAP), jabber and Skype conferences
  • Monitoring and managing all the internal activities
  • Generation of invoices, commercial offers and other types of documents
  • Personal desktop for every manager
  • Complex integration with the soft-switches


Business resource planning and accounting will be much easier if you make use of a software known as FlamesERP.

This innovative system perfectly meets all your business needs, thus helping you to manage internal documentation, warehouse and financial accounts as well as suppliers’ logistics related to specific fields of responsibility.

Each employee could be allowed to access some specific ERP-system features with regard to his/her functional duties.

FlamesCRM is distinguished by the following features:

  • Facilitated management of customers and contractors data (legal persons)
  • Easy management of business documents
  • Warehouse accounting with unlimited list of warehouses, reports related to the production transfer,
    expenses, arrivals and transfer between warehouses.
  • Monitoring and managing all the internal activities
  • Cooperation with suppliers and procurement logistics
  • Financial accounting implying invoices, legal persons, balances, payments
  • “Advanced» system of privileges (ACL)


Is a software package, developed to perform all kinds of tasks, related to routing with further voice traffic accounting (VoIP billing).

FlamesBilling provides a possibility to specify several gateways for each customer account as well as routing implementation and voice traffic accounting.

This product also gives a possibility to bring out billing balances and manage traffic between the customers based on specified invoicing rules. Moreover our billing system automatically performs all the required manipulations, based on the financial flows data, to control the traffic between clients properly.

Main features of FlamesBilling:

  • Unlimited number of clients (customers), gateways (gateways), legal entities (contractors)
  • Automatic generation and sending of invoices
  • Management of balance data
  • Consideration of performed payments (payments)
  • Simple processing of statistical data and generation various reports
  • Handy management of rates notifications
  • “Advanced» system of privileges (ACL)
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