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What is this service?

We connect providers, telecom companies and resellers (in the VoIP field it is called interconnect) which provide us with the most competitive rates to all destinations around the world. Adding just a small margin, we resell the routes to operators and companies providing services for consumers.

We provide services

Telecom operators

Companies providing local, long-distance and international telecommunication to consumers and businesses.

Intermediary companies

Intermediaries between operators and consumers who provide services in the field of telecommunication.


Individuals seeking to obtain or provide intermediary services in the field of telecommunications.

Benefits of usage

We can create a package of services to satisfy your needs and demands.

Our flexible tariff policy allows you to save money.

Technical support is available 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We answer your questions promptly and take necessary steps to resolve any issues.

Our payment plan is more convenient than those of larger companies. You can receive payment in 7 or 15 days after service was rendered. We work with EMS and PayPal systems as well.

The quality control department keeps track of all business-processes: controls the work of the staff and technical support team.

Our years of experience allow us to fully satisfy our customers requirements.

How do we operate?

We do not disclose any information about our clients

The whole negotiation process with our prospective and current clients is strictly confidential.

We verify

We collect and verify information about our prospective clients. Usually they are references from our current clients, information regarding financial stability, on-time payments, etc.

We sign a contract

We determine our client’s needs. We exchange IP addresses of client’s equipment. To speed up the process we usually communicate via email.

We start working

Voice traffic exchange begins.

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